The Sound of Biodiversity

Museum fürNaturkunde19.12.2020

What do club culture and biodiversity have in common? Both are complex, fragile
systems, acutely endangered and their preservation is elementary. That is why Dominik
 and United We Stream are joining forces to create awareness of the uniqueness,
diversity and fragility of both systems and to provide a special impulse for social change.

Under the heading THE SOUND OF BIODIVERSITY, the natural scientist and well-known
music producer Dominik Eulberg presents a specially created live set, which he has
arranged, tailored to a digital museum tour with the scientific assistant Dr. Kim Mortega.
The tour takes the viewer into the exhibition rooms of the Museum of Natural History
 and to a variety of research collections that are normally hidden from the public.

“Human beings only perceive what they are aware of and only protect what they
 Dominik Eulberg

Dominik Eulberg – The Sound of Biodiversity

live stream | 19.12.2020

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