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Saša Jovanović aka Life4Funk
The Rijeka-born artist spent his youth in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, where he began spinning records and hosting radio shows that promoted club music. In 1997, Life4Funk became resident DJ at the legendary dance bar Diva, after which he moved to Novi Sad and met most of the people involved in the development of today's Serbian club scene. In 2000, he opened the summer club Aquarius in Bela Crkva, Vojvodina.
He has been featured in numerous clubs in the region for his excellent curation and connection with the audience. After performances at the Exit Festival in Serbia, he joined Englishbreakfast, a collective that has hosted many exceptional club nights in Novi Sad. Since 2012 he has been living in Rijeka, Croatia, where he co-runs the club Crkva.
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