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Belgrade based DJ, promoter and radio host. Co-founder of SUTRA - a
Drugstore Beograd club night and radio show focused on future-oriented electronic music.
SAUD Saud Sutra (säwdā', saudade, sud) colors the vitalist legacy of hardcore continuum's leftfield and breakbeat patterns with hyper-modern, iridescent gradients, gravitating towards a contemporary, post-techno form of rhythmic psychedelia. Alongside Dorian Fuk, he is the founder of SUTRA - Belgrade club night and radio show focused on future-oriented electronic music that has brought artists such as Aïsha Devi, Lakker, Mumdance, Batu, E-Saggila, Peder Mannerfelt, Minor Science, Eomac, Arad, Jonas Yamer, STAANA & N/OBE to Belgrade.
SAUD plays with great intensity across different genres, rhythms and tempi, bringing special focus on dynamics, physicality and unpredictability. Besides holding a SUTRA residency at Drugstore and playing clubs across the country, 2019 had him play in Bologna, Munich, Istanbul and Ljubljana, as well as playing his first Boiler Room in Drugstore Belgrade. 2020 began with a NYE rave in the desert outskirts of Cairo followed by the 1st bday rave of SUTRA and a Scandinavian debut in Oslo.
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